Intellectual Property and Technology Law

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Intellectual property is one of the fastest-growing legal specialties in the United States, and increasingly in the world. The mid-Atlantic region is home to many technology-based enterprises, especially the internet, computer and biotechnology companies. 

Intellectual property is an integral part of today’s complex businesses, and for that reason, we like to take a proactive, collaborative, and strategic approach with each client. The more we know about business plans and goals, the better we can anticipate and avoid intellectual property issues before they grow into significant problems that divert valuable resources from core business needs.

Using our wide-ranging litigation experience and business savvy, Carr Maloney represents clients in:

  • E-commerce
  • Internet and Technology Law Matters
  • Licensing
  • Sophisticated Copyright Issues
  • Trademark
  • Unfair Competition

Employment and Labor

There are circumstances where a business is seeking to employ an individual who, either individually or during employment with another business, has previously created intellectual property or technology in the same field or industry as the employer. In such situations, the employee may have already assigned their previously created intellectual property or technology to an earlier employer, and consequently the business now seeking to employ that individual may face the risk that the new employee knowingly or unknowingly incorporates that technology or intellectual property into the products of that later employer.  This could lead to potential infringement suits that result in damage awards or even an injunction against the sale of products or services incorporating that expropriated IP.

Carr Maloney’s Employment Law Practice Group works with our Intellectual Property Practice Group attorneys to analyze “work for hire” and “non-compete” language in the employment contracts of various professionals, particularly for companies within the technology industries. 

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