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What do employers need to know about coronavirus (COVID-19)?

With the rapid growth of COVID-19, the laws and rules of employment matters are constantly evolving and changing. Carr Maloney’s Employment and Labor Practice Group is here to provide useful resources for employers on how COVID-19 is affecting various aspects of employment law and how different jurisdictions are addressing the outbreak.

There will be new governmental measures each day. Employers should consult with counsel for the latest developments and updated guidance on this topic. Carr Maloney P.C. is open for business and our attorneys are available to consult by client’s preference of communication whether it be email, phone, or video chat. Please feel free to reach out to our Employment and Labor Practice Group partners with any questions during this time.

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How Employers Should Plan and Respond to Coronavirus

National COVID-19 Resources

Regional COVID-19 Resources

Maryland Court Administrative Orders

For more Maryland court updates, please click here.

Virginia Court Administrative Orders

For more Virginia court updates, please click here.

District of Columbia Court Administrative Orders

For more District of Columbia court updates, please click here.

Disclaimer: All of our COVID-19 related articles are created in a timely fashion where you will get up-to-date information on the law as it exists at the time. The law is constantly changing during this time, which means that we cannot guarantee you are getting the most current law when reading through past entries.

The content of Carr Maloney’s COVID-19 Resource Hub does not constitute  legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship unless you have been accepted as a client by the firm.

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