Mariana Bravo Finishes Her Term as Hispanic National Bar Association President

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Carr Maloney, P.C.

Washington, D.C. (September 7, 2023):  On September 8, 2023, at the HNBA Annual Gala, current HNBA President Mariana D. Bravo will be passing along the title and therefore, finishing her term.

Throughout the year, Mariana has had many milestones in her HNBA presidency to strengthen their impact, expand their reach, and embrace the inclusion of all. In the past year, she created six new committees to provide visibility and resources to critical initiatives of the organization. She established a committee focused on Attorneys with Disabilities, promoting and ensuring a safe place and equality for all attorneys with disabilities within and outside the HNBA organization. The second is the Committee for Foreign-Trained Attorneys, designed to integrate, promote, empower, and provide resources and support to foreign-trained JDs and LLMs within the HNBA and legal community. The third is a committee focused exclusively on Academia and the advancement of Hispanic legal students.

With Mariana’s leadership, the HNBA also created a National Task Force whose mission is to increase Hispanic law professors and law deans, subsequently increasing Latinx law student enrollment at their universities. The National Task Force will also oversee the development of various online and in-person workshops for prospective and existing Hispanic/Latinx law faculty and law school deanship aspirants, including support with mentorship, professional development, and networking. Mariana also established a committee focused on Afro-Latinidad in the legal profession, aiming to promote and provide a safe and inclusive space for Afro-Latinx lawyers to share experiences, resources, goals, career advancement strategies, and opportunities to diversify the legal profession. She also established a Community Outreach and Pro Bono Services Committee to create national opportunities to engage and provide access and support to the Hispanic Community. The sixth committee she made is for Legal Professionals and is focused on providing opportunities, resources, and support for non-lawyer legal professionals.

By establishing the HNBA International Encuentro Series, Mariana focused on celebrating different cultures, shared experiences, and values with other countries worldwide. The Series also explores business and networking opportunities for US attorneys abroad and for foreign-trained attorneys in the US and generally. She launched the Series in 2023 with the “Argentine Rincon” and the “Encuentro en México” in Mexico City. The International Law Section and Foreign Trained Lawyers Special Committee support and guide the Series.

​​During her term, Mariana worked with Law Schools and law students nationwide to provide support, mentorship, and resources. She also worked on the many initiatives and goals of all the HNBA’s substantive law Sections and Committees and the HNBA Divisions, including initiatives designed to empower our Judges, Young Lawyers, our Corporate Counsel, Latina lawyers, and the LGBT community. She also works extensively with all the association’s programs, conferences, and events.    

As part of her presidency, it was Mariana’s responsibility to advocate for issues that protect and elevate the Hispanic community. With the help of HNBA members, Mariana will continue to push for HNBA advocacy priorities, including immigration reform, voting rights, criminal justice reform, and judicial and executive appointment diversity. 

Congratulations on all the initiatives you have accomplished this year, Mariana, and we look forward to continually supporting you in your involvement with the Hispanic National Bar Association.

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