Cybersecurity and Privacy

Attorney Dennis Chong handing documents to a woman at a desk.


The endless flow of information is a defining feature of today’s ever changing technology. The ability to transfer customer data, employee files, financial records, and other information around the world quickly and seamlessly has opened up a world of opportunity for many businesses. It also presents a new array of risks.

Any business handling sensitive information, small or large is at risk for a data breach. Carr Maloney understands the importance of these issues to businesses, organizations, and associations of all sizes. Our attorneys have experience counseling businesses on best practices to avoid these risks and defending businesses when data breach issues arise including but not limited to:

  • Breach of contract
  • Invasion of Privacy
  • Negligence

Data Breach Notification 

Businesses face ever changing statutory and regulatory requirements relating to their computer networks that can expose them to liability for noncompliance. Nearly every state and the District of Columbia have statutes that place obligations on businesses to report instances in which their network systems have been breached and private data has been lost or revealed. 

There are also federal and foreign data breach laws. And increasingly, laws are placing burdens on businesses to take steps to safeguard data and computer systems. Carr Maloney attorneys are well equipped in knowledge of law in different jurisdictions to advise on obligations in the event of a data breach incident.

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